Studio Albums

Sick Sad World

March 1, 2016

Released digitally on 1 March, 2016 and physically on 5 October 2016 on Fenix Records, METORANA’s debut studio album features the singles “Angry, Madd, And Unconscious”, “Traitor”, “Johnny Said” and “Satisfy U."


1. Angry, Madd, And Unconscious

2. Thunder & Lightning

3. Traitor

4. Something Else

5. Hyper Jam (Interlude)

6. Satisfy U

7. Johnny Said

8. I'm A Strong Corrupt 4 U

9. Demento

10. Open Your Arms For Me

11. Free Fallin

12. Secrett Kitty

13. Sick Sad World

14. Evil Snowman (Hidden Track)

All songs written by Ian Keller.

Produced by Tony Hanson.

Engineered by Nick Simone.



March 15, 2019

METORANA’s sophomore album is a departure from the 'grungey, punk-rock' sound of Sick Sad World and sees the band evolve into new sonic territory, exploring darker themes with more dynamics, including heavier tracks as well as psychedelic and folk-rock songs. It features the singles "The Great Work Of The Academy", "Brainwash", "Look What You've Done" and "Dreamland."


1. The Great Work Of The Academy

2. The Call Of The Wild

3. Lilium Candidum

4. Midnight

5. Goodbye

6. Brainwash

7. Look What You've Done

8. Dreamland

9. Slide

10. WTF

All songs written by Ian Keller.

Produced by METORANA, Tony Hanson, Jim Sabella, Ian Keller.

Engineered by Nick Simone, Mike Anzel, Jim Sabella, Ian Keller.


Extended Plays (EPs)


August 2012

This EP marks the first collaboration with METORANA, Fenix and producer Tony Hanson. It produced early versions of “Angry, Madd, And Unconscious”, “Traitor” and “Thunder & Lightning.” The song "Traitor" was later remixed and partially re-recorded for the debut album, Sick Sad World.

College Radio Promo

February 2016

This EP was given exclusively to college radio stations prior to the release of Sick Sad World and features uncensored versions of “Angry, Madd, And Unconscious”, “Traitor” and “Satisfy U” as well as censored versions of “Traitor” and “Satisfy U.”


Remember The 90s

July 2017

While on break during the Sick Sad World tour, METORANA returned to the studio to record songs for Dreamland as well as an a tribute album featuring covers of “Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers” (Primus), “Sleep Now In The Fire” (Rage Against The Machine), “Blitzkrieg Bop” (Ramones) and “Song 2” (Blur). A live, in-studio performance was shot and recorded at Fenix Studios.